Healthcare Projects Overview

Healthcare Project

Since 1981, the W.H. Myers Construction Co. has renovated or constructed nearly 1,000,000 sq. ft. of healthcare space throughout the Delaware Valley. Whether it is the construction of a new medical office building, the renovation of an emergency department or simply the installation of a new ceiling in a doctor's office, the W.H. Myers Construction Co. prides itself on the work it has completed and the services it has provided for various healthcare institutions.

We offer a wide variety of services and expertise to hospital administrators during all phases of projects. The primary asset that the W.H. Myers Construction Co. possesses is an understanding of certain fundamentals in healthcare construction: flexibility, efficiency, and safety. The W.H. Myers Construction Co. has the flexibility to make design changes in the project well after it has begun. In addition, we understand the need for efficiency. As increasing demands and stresses are being placed on the healthcare industry, we are mindful of the administrators' concerns regarding scheduling and project completion as every square foot of a hospital is in need and vital to the institution's well-being. Finally, the W.H. Myers Construction Co. is unwavering in its healthcare safety policy. While all projects are completed under stringent safety standards, we strive to make our construction area the safest part of the hospital. The W.H. Myers Construction Co. is able to do this by keeping ahead of safety standards such as those implemented by the Centers for Disease Control.

Therefore, with commitment and expertise in hospital construction, the W.H. Myers Construction Co. continues to provide impeccable services to hospitals throughout the Delaware Valley.

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